Bryant librarians are punk as… well, you know.


Our own Jenifer Bond and Laura Kohl were out in Indianapolis this past week for the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) 2013 Conference.  What were they doing at ACRL, you ask?  Pretty much what you’d expect… presenting, networking, discussing ideas of importance to the future of academic librarianship, hanging out with Henry Rollins:


You know, the usual sort of thing.

Rollins was one of the keynote speakers at this year’s conference, big fan of intellectual freedom and, apparently, amateur archivist that he is (he took it upon himself to save and preserve as many punk show posters and other memorabilia as he could because someone had to save this stuff… I can just imagine the number of universities and other collecting repositories that are lusting to get their hands on that material), and according to Jenifer, Laura, and nearly every librarian I follow on Twitter, he pretty much blew the doors off the place.  I’m hoping someone at ACRL recorded this for eventual podcast release, or else like so many early Black Flag shows, we’ll just have to hear the legend of this one secondhand.

Thanks to Jenifer and Laura for representing us so well at this year’s conference, and for hopefully not rubbing to awesomeness of this experience in our faces too much.  🙂