Graphic novels at the library


graphic novelsOver the past several months, we’ve been making a concerted effort to increase the size of our graphic novel collection for a number of reasons.  For one thing, professors are using them as texts for their classes in increasing numbers, and we like to support our fine and fabulous faculty* whenever possible.  Graphic novels as a format are growing in popularity among audiences of all ages and interests in libraries around the country, too, and we like to stay current.  Finally… there are so many good stories available in a variety of genres, and like any library, we really want to put excellent books (among other materials, of course) in people’s hands.

We’ve gone to great lengths to purchase titles that will appeal to a wide range of tastes… murder mysteries, science fiction epics, biography and memoir, science, economics, history, slice of life, medical thriller, superheroics, and more.  No matter what you like, we may have a graphic novel in our collection that appeals to you, and if for some reason we don’t, ask for one!  We’re always interested in hearing what sorts of titles you folks what, regardless of format, genre, or country of origin (manga and bandes dessinées suggestions especially welcome… it’s hard enough to stay on top of everything from our own country, much less the output of other countries with strong comics traditions like Japan or Belgium).


* It’s a post about comics, people; you have to expect some Stan Lee-esque alliteration.