The Library is Open Early for Fall 2014 Pre-Registration


Looking for a quiet place to register for your Fall 2014 classes?  Need to make sure your library record is free and clear before you can actually do so?  Well, the library is opening early on every pre-registration day to help you out:

  • Wednesday, April 9th @ 6:45 am (2nd semester Juniors)
  • Thursday, April 10th @6:45 am (1st semester Juniors)
  • Friday, April 11th @ 6:45 am (2nd semester Sophomores)
  • Tuesday, April 15th @6:45 am (1st semester Sophomores)
  • Wednesday, April 16th @6:45 am (2nd semester Freshmen)
  • Thursday, April 17th @ 6:45 am (1st semester Freshmen)

Drop by for all your pre-reg needs!  And maybe bring the librarian who is opening the building that morning a coffee and/or baked good of some kind.  That sort of thing is always appreciated.