Where do you go when you can’t go to the library?


Obviously we like to provide everyone with space to study. But there are times when the library cannot accommodate everyone’s study needs – maybe the study rooms are filled up, there’s an event going on, you need something beyond our normal operating schedule, etc.  What we want to know is, what are your favorite alternate study spots on campus?

With final exams coming up, we want to be able to direct people to the places that best serve their needs, so we’re interested in hearing where you go when you can’t find a study room?  Do you go elsewhere in the library?  Do you find a spot in the Fisher Center or the Unistructure?  Do you just sit under a tree somewhere?  Let us know, either in the comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter, by text (401-595-7306), by phone (401-232-6125), or by email (library@bryant.edu).