Final Exams Period Schedule (May 2-13)


Finals?  Really?  Already?  We’re having as hard a time believing it as you guys.  But we’re ready, willing, and able to help you out, and here’s our extended schedule for Final Exams to prove it:

Friday, May 2nd: 7:30am – 11pm

Saturday, May 3rd: 10am – 11pm

Sunday, May 4th: 10am – 2am

Monday, May 5th – Thursday, May 8th:  7am – 2am

Friday, May 9th: 7am – 11pm

Saturday, May 10th: 10am – 11pm

Sunday, May 11th: 10am – 2am

Monday, May 12th: 7am – 2am

Tuesday, May 13th: 7am – 5pm

Good luck with finals, and always remember the words of Douglas Adams: Don’t Panic!