Book a Group Study Room! NEW PROCESS


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. For information on the new study room reservation system, click here. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Overwhelmed with projects? Need a place to meet with your group? Book a library study room! These convenient rooms are located on the second floor of the library, overlooking the Bello Grand Hall. If you’re already familiar with the library’s study room reservation process, we have some BIG NEWS: the process is totally different this year! We’re using a great new system, 25Live, and we think you’ll really like it. Follow this quick guide to booking a room, and you’ll be on your way to group studying success!

First of all, read through our study room reservation page, so you know the policies and rules. When you’re ready to book a room, click the “thumbs up” at the bottom of that page to open 25Live.

25Live logo

Ready? If the following images are too small, just click them to open larger versions!

On the 25Live homepage, select “Create an Event.”

25Live 1

Then log in with your Bryant email username and password.

25Live 2

Now you can book your group study room!

25Live 4 25Live 5 25Live 6 25Live 7 25Live 8

Now you’re all set! After we process your request you will receive an email confirming your study room reservation.

Questions? Contact the library! Call the Borrower Services desk at 401-232-6125 with any questions or concerns about booking a group study room.

Happy studying!