Wait… what’s a “library barcode?”


Some of the information in this post is out of date. If you are off-campus, you can log in to the databases with your Bryant username and password. Please speak to a librarian for more information. 8/21/17

If you’re trying to access library resources while you’re home for Thanksgiving break (after the pumpkin pie and football, of course!), you’ll be required to log into the databases with your library barcode. What’s a library barcode, you ask? Don’t worry, it’s been with you all along! Your library barcode is the long number on your Bryant ID card that starts with 21999. It’s your ticket to accessing the library’s vast array of databases from anywhere in the world!

library barcode

But wait! Have you ever gotten a new ID card? If so, we’ll need to update the barcode in your library account. Please contact the library if you need your barcode updated, or if you’re having any trouble accessing library resources off campus. And remember, the library will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving break, so if you have any questions about your barcode or library account, ASK NOW!

Happy Thanksgiving!