Chinese Bamboo Scrolls Display


case scrolls

In case you’ve been distracted by all the snow we’ve gotten, we have a new display in the lobby this semester! The library currently has the Confucius Institute’s collection of Chinese bamboo scrolls, which are a flat piece of bamboo made to be written on and which were used instead of paper. Our display features scrolls that have survived for more than 2,000 years from the Han and Wu dynasties. These scrolls were used as shipping labels, records of prisoners, ledger covers, to practice multiplication tables and more. There’s even a “name card” scroll, which is a very early version of a business card! The exhibit also features information about the scrolls’ contents and their discovery. For example, did you know “The Art of War” was originally written on bamboo scrolls and discovered in a tomb?

This exhibit will be up for the rest of the week, so take a look on your way into the library!

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