CHECK THIS OUT! – Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona


ms marvelKamala Khan’s life has gotten tricky.  She’s already trying to balance the expectations of her strict-but-caring Muslim-American family, the misconceptions of her classmates, the desire to hang out with her friends, and still find the time to write a little fanfic on the side.  Then a strange mist causes her to develop bodymorphing powers and sets off a chain of events that involve her with a crazed scientist’s plot to kidnap and enslave teens from throughout Jersey City (some of whom don’t actually seem to mind it).  So she does what anyone would do in her shoes… pull together a makeshift costume, carry on the legacy of her favorite superhero, save her friends, and hope she doesn’t get busted by her parents.

If the mix of high school humor and melodrama, characters who sound the way teenagers actually talk, multiculturism, and superpowers is at all appealing to you, this is your book.  G. Willow Wilson (herself Muslim) has a great ear for dialogue and a knack for balancing humor, action, and pathos (sometimes all in the same scene) that is tough to match.  The artwork by Adrian Alphona is the perfect accompaniment, equally at home conveying the funny (especially Kamala’s funky power set) and the serious.  This book has won a lot of acclaim and a very vocal online fanbase.  Check this out and see why.