CHECK THIS OUT!–Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel



In celebration of summer vacation, why not check out a leisure reading book, sit outside (or inside in the air conditioning) and read? I recommend Station Eleven, which follows a group of people whose lives begin to intersect because of the death of an actor on the night before the world ends.

Arthur Leander, an actor, has a heart attack and dies on stage while performing King Lear. Jeevan, a paparazzi-turned bartender-turned paparazzi-turned paramedic tries to resuscitate him, and when he can’t, he comforts Kirsten, a child actress in the play. Later that night, a pandemic erupts and a flu-like disease kills almost everyone and effectively ending the world as we know it.

This story spans decades as we follow different characters, all connected by some kind of relationship to Arthur. We see Arthur’s ascent (or descent) into fame as well as the outbreak through the eyes of his first ex-wife Miranda and his close friend Clark. We see what the early days of the infection were like from Jeevan, who gets a phone call from his friend who works in a hospital telling him to get out before the planes were grounded. Because he can’t leave his brother, he stays and we see what the early days of the outbreak were like in the city before Jeevan sets out into the unknown. We see the future through Kirsten, (now grown up and skilled at throwing knives,) part of a traveling orchestra/Shakespearean play company in the post-apocalyptic future. Throw in a cult leader named The Prophet and a comic book called Station Eleven, and you’ve got an interesting plot that ties all these characters together into one cohesive story.

–Review by Becca