Make the Most of August With Library Resources


It’s August, and there’s about a month left of summer vacation (eek!). If you’re looking for something to do for the next month, come to the library! We’ve got a bunch of resources to help you make the most of the last month of summer.

Rosetta StoneIf you’re interested in learning a language, you can check out a laptops that have a Rosetta Stone language installed. These are checked out for a month (perfect timing!) and have languages such as French, Spanish, Gaelic, Japanese, Italian, or Mandarin. This is a great way to build your skills over the summer and keep your brain working.


Far away from Bryant and still want to learn a language this summer? No problem! The library, thanks to Ask RI, provides access to Mango Languages, an online program to help you learn languages. There are a ton to choose from: American Sign Language, German, Latin, Spanish, and even Shakespearean English and Pirate! They even have movies in different languages that you can watch to build your skills. You can access Mango Languages by going to the library’s Articles and Databases page for the link, and then making an account on Mango.

Looking for something a little less intensive to do for your last month off? We have some Kindle Fire tablets that you can check out for a week. You can connect the Kindle with your Amazon account and buy e-books and apps, but don’t worry, we clear all of your info off the tablet when we get it back. Use the Kindle to get your Candy Crush fix, read some e-book novellas, watch Netflix, or browse The New York Times.

Another option is to hang out in the library, enjoy the AC, and check out a leisure reading book. If you need some recommendations, take a peek at our display of summer books on the first floor (on the right when you walk into the library).

We also have a ton of magazines, including (but definitely not limited to): ESPN, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Ebony, Rolling Stone, Wired, and Time that you can read while you’re in the library, or just come in and just say hi to your favorite librarians—we’re lonely without all of you on campus!

Have a great rest of the summer, Bryant!