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Are you obsessed with Hamilton yet? I am!


Image from The New Yorker

Hamilton is a play currently on Broadway about founding father Alexander Hamilton, by and starring Lin Manuel Miranda, based on biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, which features catchy rap and hip hop songs about cabinet discussions, America’s sex scandals, elections, and duels. The play has won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, and the cast and crew have won more than 20 awards individually for their work in the play. Celebrities have been also raving about Hamilton, including Queen Latifah, Common, Jimmy Fallon, and President Barack Obama.

The play is overall historically accurate, but if you want to learn more about Hamilton and the other founding fathers, check out some of these books from the library! If you haven’t heard Hamilton yet, click here to listen to the full soundtrack on Spotify (you’ll need to log in or make an account to listen, but don’t worry, it’s free to listen to).


51figkm9nulHamilton: the Revolution: Being the complete libretto of the Broadway musical, with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new America

This book (also called the Hamiltome,) features photographs, lyrics & annotations, and stories about the cast, origins, and production of the play. This book is a great if you (like me,) haven’t gotten to see the play preformed yet.



Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

The biography that started it all! This work by Ron Chernow details Hamilton’s whole life, from his childhood in the Caribbean to the duel at Weehawken. This work quotes historical documents to give the reader a full picture of who Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton, and Angelica Church were throughout their lives, and is an engaging account of history. This work is good to read after you’ve heard the play or seen the soundtrack because you can start to figure out what parts of the play are historically accurate and which elements were changed for the play.


Other books at the library on Hamiltonian history:

Interview in Weehawken; the Burr-Hamilton duel, as told in the original documents.

The Federalist Papers (e-book)

The Works of Alexander Hamilton

Books on other founding fathers in Hamilton:

Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

Ordeal of Ambition; Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr 

Aaron Burr: The Proud Pretender

— Becca Pac