Check out Burn Baby Burn! This book is Scorching Hot!


Don’t forget, we at Krupp Library have a whole bunch of amazing leisure reading choices. I am addicted to young adult fiction and could not wait to share this awesome title! I could not put Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina down. Based in New York in 1977, the summer the city is living in fear of the “.44 Caliber Killer”, Medina spins the tale of what it was like to live through this scorching summer with a serial killer on the loose. Nora Lopez is 17 and the epitome of all of the Son of Sam’s victims. She is young, beautiful and brunette — everything this killer has in mind. Between dodging the serial killer, dealing with some serious family drama and falling in love with the new guy at the shop where she works, Nora has more than her fair share of craziness going into her eighteenth year. All she and her friends want to do is hit the discos and relax before college, while instead curfews are in place and the city is basically on lock down.


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By the end of the summer the police have the killer in custody and Nora is able to turn her world around. This book is a must read. It has it all: romance, thrills and more! Make sure to pop in to the library during break to unwind with any number of books located in our Leisure Section!

Library hours: Winter Session & IDEA 2018


Wishing everyone all the joys of the season! The library will be open during winter break, to assist patrons during Winter Session and IDEA 2018. Please click on this link:  Hours January 2- 24, 2018


The library will resume regular hours for the Spring 2018 semester beginning January 25, 2017. 

Happy finals!


Hi everyone! We hope you’re going into your finals super relaxed and ready to ace your tests! There are a few things going on at the library over the next week or so to help you conquer your finals:

  • Magnetic poetry encouragement—We have a board set up at the entrance of the library with magnetic poetry words for you to create short messages of encouragement for your fellow Bulldogs. Check out what’s already been written or write some lines of your own as you come in!
  • The snack cart—It’s back (by popular request)! Library staff will be around delivering afternoon snacks during finals, so keep an eye out for it!
  • Relaxation fort—If you need to take a few minutes to yourself, you can use the relaxation fort on the first floor near the research desk. It has meditation tutorials, stress balls, and relaxing pictures so you can take a few minutes to center yourself in between studying sessions.
  • Creepy Mouse—Our old friend Creepy Mouse has escaped again! She’ll be hiding in the library throughout finals, and if you’re the one to find her and bring her back, you could win a candy prize. Make sure to follow us on instagram so you know when she’s loose!
  • Hot chocolate bar—On Friday, we’ll have a hot chocolate bar set up with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and more. Come visit it if you need a sugar rush!

As always, let us know if you need anything (including research help), and good luck on finals!



Want nice, easy lists of what’s in our game and DVD collections? Use these links!


We often get requests from people who just want to see a list of what we have in our board game and DVD collections, but the catalog doesn’t always make that easy.  We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it for you, though, and figured out the searches necessary to display the titles in these collections, and in alphabetical order for easier perusal to boot.

Click here to see a listing of our board game collection, or else scan this QR code with your phone (even if you think your phone doesn’t have a QR reader, it probably does… even Snapchat can read QR codes):

Games List QR

And you can click here to see what we have available for viewing on DVD, educational and fun stuff alike, or else scan this QR code:


Happy searching!