Check out Burn Baby Burn! This book is Scorching Hot!


Don’t forget, we at Krupp Library have a whole bunch of amazing leisure reading choices. I am addicted to young adult fiction and could not wait to share this awesome title! I could not put Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina down. Based in New York in 1977, the summer the city is living in fear of the “.44 Caliber Killer”, Medina spins the tale of what it was like to live through this scorching summer with a serial killer on the loose. Nora Lopez is 17 and the epitome of all of the Son of Sam’s victims. She is young, beautiful and brunette — everything this killer has in mind. Between dodging the serial killer, dealing with some serious family drama and falling in love with the new guy at the shop where she works, Nora has more than her fair share of craziness going into her eighteenth year. All she and her friends want to do is hit the discos and relax before college, while instead curfews are in place and the city is basically on lock down.


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By the end of the summer the police have the killer in custody and Nora is able to turn her world around. This book is a must read. It has it all: romance, thrills and more! Make sure to pop in to the library during break to unwind with any number of books located in our Leisure Section!