The Library is spooky and suspenseful this Halloween!


This month of October, why not stop by the Library and pick up some spooky or suspenseful books to send chills down your spine? We have books by best-selling author Stephen King to scare you, and best sellers by James Patterson to keep you in suspense. Stop by our DVD collection and pick up a few scary movies, as well!  


James Patterson

Stephen King


Welcome Back!


To our students, staff and faculty we extend a warm welcome to the library, and the new school year ahead!  We are ready to help you with your research, find items to borrow, answer any questions, and most importantly,  help get you started on your own successful path this year. You can visit, call, text, or IM at any time and we will be happy to help and to guide you.


The Most Talked-About Book This Summer: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth


content The Plot Against America is one of the most talked-about books this summer, and keeps appearing on everyone’s recommended ‘summer reading’ list. It was actually released in 2004, yet reads as though it  was written this year. The Plot Against America was Philip Roth’s entry into the genre of historical fiction, and it asks “what if ‘Lucky Lindy’ unseated the popular FDR in the 1940 election?” This page-turner was composed as if it were an autobiography, written by the adult Philip Roth about the child Philip Roth and his family, who each (father, mother, brother, cousin, and aunt) play an important character, presented in loving detail throughout his novel. This book is highly recommended !

Summer’s Best Sellers Are Now Available at the Library!


Some of the best sellers for the Summer are now available at the Library! Check some of these out: The President Is Missing, When Life Gives You LuLuMelons, The Widow Clicquot, The Wife Between Us, Crazy Rich AsiansSummer Wives and many more! Best-sellers are the perfect books to take to the beach, the boat… or just to the backyard.
Please note:  If a book is on loan to someone else, we’ll be happy to put you on the hold list!

Let us help you – We have required ‘Summer Reading’ books for most students grades 7 – 12!


If you have a child  in grades  7 – 12,  chances are they  are required to read a number of books this summer, whether in private or public schools.  Most public libraries have long waiting lists for the titles, but we have copies of most of these books here on our shelves – from the traditional classics to contemporary classics – waiting to be read this summer.  So don’t have your child be ‘wait-listed’ for books today  – stop by the library and let us help you here!  (Please note, if we don’t have a particular title, we can always request it for you via our ILL program, which allows us to borrow from other colleges.)


Reminder–Returning Textbooks


As the semester winds down, please be mindful that the Library CAN NOT take any rental books back which were rented from the Bookstore! Those books need to be brought back to the Bookstore, to clear your account so you won’t be charged replacement fees. The Library isn’t responsible for your Bookstore rentals which are left with us.

We don’t want to leave you hanging! Remember to return where you got them. Thanks!