On Display at the Library: Altered Books


Professors Joan Zaretti’s “Creativity and the Arts” class has a busy semester as they’ve been learning how one can explore creativity as a general process of engagement. One of their projects “Altered Books” is on display in the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library.

This project showcased the student’s creative reactions to the cover or contents of a book. “They used the text as an inspiration and responded, showing what it brought to mind,” said Professor Zaretti. “This allows them to see how even words on a page are part of a visual and creative response.”

Students choose a book and had the freedom to alter it visually or even physically alter the book itself.  The display highlights the many different interpretations that students had and shows how they transformed the existing piece into something new.

While students had little or no background in visual arts, their response in this project shows a strong display of creative talents that included drawings, mixed media and sculpture.

“This class shows students how artistic communities can find inspiration among each other,” said Professor Zaretti. “The students now see how communities use each other as inspiration. This is a skill that they can translate to other aspects of their lives.”

Come and check out the display!

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Library early closing on Tues, 1/21


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