What do YOU geek, Bryant?


geekboardOkay, Bryant… you’ve seen what other people geek, and you’ve seen a little about what we geek (and there’s more to come), but now we want to hear from YOU.  Stop by the Geek Board across from the circulation desk and fill out a card (or cards) proclaiming the things you geek, and then tack it up to the board. As you can see from the examples, it can be just about anything.  Get your geek on, Bryant, and remember that the library is here to help you with whatever it is you geek!


We geek banned books! Banned Books Week is Sept. 22nd – 28th.


banned books slideToday kicks off Banned Books Week, the annual effort sponsored by the American Library Association to call attention to book challenges, bannings, and other attempts to curtail our rights as Americans to read whatever we choose.  More than 11,300 books have come under fire just since the event began in 1982, with 464 challenges being brought to ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom in 2012 alone, while even more go unreported.  Such challenges occur in school, public, and private libraries, classrooms, book and comic book retailers, and pretty much any place else where people can come into contact with books.

Throughout the week we’ll bring you news and information relating to the event, but how can you support the cause in the meantime?  Stay informed, stay vigilant, be open to new ideas and discussion, and above all… read!  Read what you like and don’t let anyone belittle it or try to take that ability away from you in any way.  The freedom to read is freedom to think, speak, and act, and is among the most basic rights that our nation’s founders – and, indeed, supporters of human rights everywhere – fought to achieve.

banned books week 2013

What do you geek, Bryant?


geek defAs you can see above, “geek” is a verb.  If you geek something – comic books, football, painting, gardening, home brewing, physics, running, cooking, Russian literature, or pretty much any other thing you can name – then you love it, talk about it at length to anyone who will listen, and know more about it than some people would consider reasonable.  Fact: everyone geeks something.  And chances are, the library can help you with that in some way.

This semester, the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library is taking part in Geek the Library, a national campaign co-sponsored by OCLC and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is designed to help raise awareness and generate support (vocal, financial, and maybe even at the ballot box) for libraries throughout the country.  Using “geek” as a verb is a way to get people to think about the things they’re passionate about, and then connect that back to libraries, because no matter what it is that you geek, your library (be it your local public library or your school’s library) can connect you with resources, material, and even people to help support those passions, and possibly help you discover new ones.

You’ll be seeing a lot of information about this from us in the weeks ahead, whether it’s here on the blog, on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), around campus, and at the library itself.  And there will be plenty of ways for you to participate in this as well, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Start getting your geek on, Bryant.  And ask yourselves this question: What Do You Geek?