You’re invited to our Open House!


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 13, and join us for our Open House from 1 pm – 3:30 pm! We will be showcasing a variety of products and services offered to our patrons, which help you on your path to success. There will be music, sweet treats, hot beverages, fun art projects, prizes, and of course  Tupper, who will be waiting to take a ‘selfie’ with you! So stop by on Wednesday, and come love our library!  

Celebrate African-American Literature during the month of February !


During the month of February we celebrate African American Literature at the library, by offering an outstanding collection of titles and authors to choose from. Recent best-sellers such as ‘The Hate U Give’ and ‘The Underground Railroad’  have become favorites with our patrons, while classics by Toni Morrison,  Alice Walker and Ralph Ellison are a must-read for everyone.  Stop by the library and help celebrate with us this month of February. 

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Welcome to Spring Semester 2019!


The Krupp Library staff warmly welcomes everyone back for Spring Semester of 2019. We’re here to help you all semester long with any research projects, or for borrowing any items from our collection, or from another library.  In addition, we’re the place for all your printing and scanning needs, to book a study room,  or to pick a board game for the weekend! We look forward to seeing you soon…

Return library items now to get your diploma


If you have any outstanding items on your account – from books to phone chargers to dry erase markers – you will be “billed and blocked”  from getting your actual diploma if you’re a graduate and/or your final grades for the semester. DO NOT WAIT until  May 17 – May 19 to clear this up, as the closer to Graduation / end of the semester the longer it will take to go through all proper channels to take the block off. It won’t be an immediate remedy, so PLEASE check your bookbags, dorm rooms, cars, etc and bring everything back to the library ASAP. Clear your account today!  

Please be mindful of Study Room Reservations during Exam Week!


Exam week is always the busiest week for our Library Study Rooms, and many patrons have them reserved in advance. If you go into a study room which appears to be empty, and you did not reserve that room, please remember a study group may show up and ask you to leave as they have the room reserved – and you must cooperate and find another place to study.  We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter!

Now is the time to start reserving Study Rooms for EXAM weeks!


FYI: You may want to book your Study Room in the Library  NOW, before all the rooms and most popular times are taken for Exam weeks.  It’s easy to do – you can reserve on the iPad in the Library near the Circ Desk, or do it on your own computer – just check out the Study Room Reservations link on the front of the library homepage and follow the EZ directions. Just remember the Rule of  “3” – at least 3 people need to be in your study group to reserve a room! White Boards and other amenities are available in most rooms.