Reminder–Returning Textbooks


As the semester winds down, please be mindful that the Library CAN NOT take any rental books back which were rented from the Bookstore! Those books need to be brought back to the Bookstore, to clear your account so you won’t be charged replacement fees. The Library isn’t responsible for your Bookstore rentals which are left with us.

We don’t want to leave you hanging! Remember to return where you got them. Thanks!

Return library items now to get your diploma


If you have any outstanding items on your account – from books to phone chargers to dry erase markers – you will be “billed and blocked”  from getting your actual diploma if you’re a graduate and/or your final grades for the semester. DO NOT WAIT until  May 17 – May 19 to clear this up, as the closer to Graduation / end of the semester the longer it will take to go through all proper channels to take the block off. It won’t be an immediate remedy, so PLEASE check your bookbags, dorm rooms, cars, etc and bring everything back to the library ASAP. Clear your account today!  

Remember the Rule of Threes when booking a study room!


study room rule of threesThis is an especially busy time of year for study room bookings at the library, and we like to accommodate as many of you as possible, but if you don’t follow our policies we can’t process your bookings, so remember: no more than 3 hours per booking, and no fewer than 3 people in group.

Also, keep in mind that we only allow 6 hours of booking per student per week.

Schoolhouse Rock: Library Study Room Edition!


study room slideFinal exams are almost upon us and we’re getting tons of study room requests, and we’re happy to fill them of course, but if you’re not doing it correctly we have to cancel them and you run the risk of losing out on study space.  So just remember the simple rules shown above in groovy 1970s fashion.

And if you need more information on our study room request policies, be sure to visit this page!

Common Courtesy (Cards)


Everyone knows how we like to bend over backwards to help out people here at Bryant, but there are a number of ways that people from outside of the campus community can bask in the glow of our awesomeness, too.  How?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Here are a few ways in which you, too, Mr. or Ms. Non-Bryant Person can attain a card of your very own that will grant you access to the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library.

  1. Be a Smithfield resident – Bryant has an agreement with the town of Smithfield (including the villages of Esmond, Georgiaville, Stillwater, Spragueville, and Greenville) that allows residents to use the library, access databases on-campus, and check out books for up to 4 weeks at a time, all cheap as free.  You just need to provide proof of residence (driver’s license or other photo ID) and we can set you up with a courtesy card good for one year, which can be renewed each year for as long as you live in Smithfield.

    Please note, however, that services such as reference assistance, Interlibrary Loans, HELIN requests, and media device lending (laptops, iPads, etc.) are limited to current Bryant students, faculty, and staff only.

  2. Buy an Access Only or Access with Borrowing Privileges Card – You don’t live in Smithfield but still want to access the library and maybe borrow our materials?  You can buy an Access Only card for $30, good for coming into the library and using whatever resources we have on-site, or an Access with Borrowing Privileges card for $200, allowing you both on-campus resource access and the ability to take out regular circulating Bryant materials.

    Again, please note that services such as reference assistance, Interlibrary Loans, HELIN requests, and media device lending (laptops, iPads, etc.) are limited to current Bryant students, faculty, and staff only.

  3. Buy a Corporate Access Card – Do you own or work for a local business and need access for yourself and a few other employees?  Then you want a Corporate Access Card, which grants on-campus resource access and borrowing for up to five people from a given organization/company (though one person from the group must be designated as the official card keeper).

    As with the previous examples, services such as reference assistance, Interlibrary Loans, HELIN requests, and media device lending (laptops, iPads, etc.) are limited to current Bryant students, faculty, and staff only.

  4. Take or teach a class through the Executive Development Center (EDC) – EDC students and faculty can access library materials and services – including reference services, e-books, on- and off-campus database access, and Bryant borrowing privileges – for the duration of their class.  A current EDC ID must be presented at time of sign-up and be kept at all times when visiting the library.
  5. Use the US – China Institute Library – Anyone can use the US – China Institute Library in the John H. Chafee Center for free.  But in order to do so, you must first visit us at the Krupp Library in order to set up your card.  Just provide a valid driver’s license and we can set you up to borrow books from their library.

So even if you’re not directly affiliated with Bryant or another HELIN-member institution, there are still plenty of ways to make use of the resources and services we provide.  Any further questions?  As always, just ask!  Drop us a line (, give us a call at 401-232-6125, or inquire in person.

The Weather and The Library


Seeing as it looks like we’re yet again about to get pounded with snow, it seems like a good time to remind everyone about our inclement weather policy.

Basically, we’re committed to keeping the library open for student use, even when the campus is technically closed due to weather conditions.  In these cases, though, please bear in mind that both staff and services may be limited… we may be open for a reduced number of hours and operating on a skeleton crew, possibly made up of student workers only.

So while we’re willing to provide a quiet, dry, and warm place to study in stormy weather, we do ask for your patience if you’re unable to get all of the help and/or information you’re able to get on normal days.