Pokemon Go at Bryant




Catching a Zubat in game

If you’ve liked our page on Facebook, you may have noticed that we’re playing Pokemon Go (also, go like our page if you haven’t yet!). Pokemon Go is a free augmented reality mobile game for iPhone and Andriod where you can catch, evolve, and battle Pokemon. The game uses GPS to put Pokemon, gyms, and Pokestops, (special locations that give you items) in real-life locations, so that you can catch Pokemon while exploring your neighborhood.

There are a bunch of locations on campus that tie in with the game, including the library! The Bello Grand Hall is a Pokestop and you can also catch Pokemon inside the library (so far I’ve seen Zubat, Eevee, and Pidgey in here). The Chase Fitness Center, Fisher Center, Koffler Building, bookstore, and the Alumni Path are all Pokestops, so visit these locations to get items like Pokeballs, eggs, and potions.

Bryant also has two Pokemon gyms, one at the Bryant Arch and one at Hall 9, where trainers can battle for control of the gym once they reach level 5.

If you want some more information on how to play, check out this article from USA Today, or try this article from Forbes for some more advanced strategies. Let us know if you’ve got any good tips, especially if you know where to find some rare Pokemon!




The library has a festive pest problem — there’s a holiday mouse hiding in our building! Can you find CreepyMouse? She’ll be moving around every day during finals — if you catch CreepyMouse, bring her to either the Borrower Services or Research & Instruction desk on the first floor to claim your fabulous prize!

CreepyMouse blog

The Library will be opening early for Spring 2016 class pre-registration


Pre-registration for Spring 2016 classes is underway and the library will be opening early on the following days for anyone who needs to come in and use the computers to register (we know some of you prefer a hardwired connection to do this… or maybe you just want to get out of your dorm):

Tuesday, Nov. 10th – Friday, Nov. 13th: opening at 6:45am

Monday, Nov. 16th – Thursday, Nov. 19th: opening at 6:45am

Good luck getting the classes you need, and remember to return those long overdue library items, because they can lead to blocks on your account that will keep you from being able to register!

Important Info About Study Room Closings


Bello Center second floor study rooms 203 – 211 (the ones encircling the Grand Hall) and 215 & 216 (the two inside the quiet area) will be unavailable for booking or student use as of Thursday, May 1st, and will remain unavailable for the rest of the summer.  Rooms 201 and 202 will remain available for the time being (at least through July, when they will be used as offices for a series of summer conferences), though this is subject to change.

The study rooms in question will serve as temporary office space for our colleagues in University Relations, who are being displaced by the latest round of summer construction in the Unistructure.  These rooms will reopen for student use in the Fall 2014 semester.

In the meantime, we’ll do what we can to help you find alternative spaces to work and study during this busy period, whether elsewhere in the library or around campus.  If you have suggestions for good study locations, please share them with us so we can pass the word onto others.

Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck with final exams.

R25: Your Source for Campus Scheduling


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. For information on the new study room reservation system, click here. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Are you late for a meeting and don’t know which room you are supposed to be in? Would you like to use one of the classrooms in the library for a group project or study space? Then R25 is your source for campus scheduling.

Simply type into your address bar http://r25.bryant.edu and you will be presented with a list of all the meetings and events scheduled on campus. R25 will give you a helpful list in chronological order of all confirmed events on campus.

As we approach the last month of the semester students frequently come to the library to ask about available study space. If the study rooms are filled to capacity another alternative in the library is the use of the classrooms. To check on the availability of the classrooms is easy.

  • Go to R25 and look for the link on the upper left hand corner of the page “Locations.” Click this link.

  • Then look for the sidebar on the right hand side of the page. This section has a helpful calendar and filters for your search. To see the availability of rooms in the Bello Center simply click the “Bello Center Spaces” filter.

  • Now you can see a helpful schedule of which rooms in the Bello Center have been booked. If a room is available you are welcome to use it. If a door to one of the rooms is locked let one of the librarians know and we can unlock the door for you.

If you are in need of group study space or need other helpful campus information R25 is the definitive source for campus scheduling.

Adjusting and Readjusting to the New School Year


The school year is rapidly approaching, and while you’re trying to cram in as much end-of-summer fun as you can, it’s also a good time to start mentally preparing for the coming year.  Returning Bryant students know the routine, and know their way around campus, while new students are adjusting to a new place and possibly a new way of life different from high school.  Regardless of your academic progress, there are a few things you can start in the fall semester that will help you throughout the year and for life!

  • Ask questions.  Even if you’re a senior at Bryant, there are still many things you do not know.  Some of those things you did know have changed, and some are completely new.   Your professors, Bryant staff and the Bryant librarians are there to answer your questions, but you have to ask first!  The more you ask questions, the more you will learn; and the more you get into the habit of asking questions, the more questions you’ll think up.
  • Start a routine you can stick with.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the beginning-of-the-school-year fervor, but far too many students try to pick a routine that’s unsustainable, they break their routine, and then all organization flies out the window.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Don’t tell yourself that you’ll be up, showered, and in the library every morning promptly at 7am because unless you naturally wake up at 5, it’s just not going to work.  Build your study time around your class schedule, and find a place to camp out that’s not your dorm.  If your study space is full of friends, TV and other distractions, you won’t get your work done.
  • Do your research early.  As tempting as it is to put off that paper until the night before, you’ll often find that if you do that, all the library books on your topic will have already been checked out by your classmates, and the research articles that you need have to be requested from another library and won’t get to you for a week.  You can still write your paper the night before, but it will actually make sense to the reader if you’ve done your research and assembled the resources you need beforehand.
  • Take timeStudies show that students are spending less and less time working on homework and studying, and their grades, college experience and performance after college can all suffer.  College can be the best years of your life, but it’s also the time when students should be working their hardest and learning as much as possible to prepare for an increasingly tight job market.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work means Jack may not graduate, and that’s no fun at all.  If you feel like your study skills are lacking, or if you’re struggling in a class, contact the Academic Center for Excellence and use the experts who are there to help you.  Above all remember that you don’t know everything and no one expects you to know everything.  You’re in college to learn, not because you already have all the answers.
  • Take a break. Using your downtime to recharge your mental batteries is necessary to keep yourself academically engaged and successful.  If you don’t have any pressing homework, give yourself a night off.  Go to the movies, read a book for pleasure, or just catch up with friends.  If you give yourself treats and rewards for a job well done, you’ll be more successful and less frenzied.
  • Get some exercise.  Regular exercise will help you sleep better, avoid the freshman fifteen and will give you time to think.  People who run regularly often say that doing so gives them the uninterrupted time to muddle over what they’re working on, “Wolfgang Ketterle, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a physics Nobelist in 2001, told Runner’s World magazine “I haven’t made any big discoveries on a run, but it does give me time to think through problems. Some solutions are obvious, but they are only obvious when you are relaxed enough to find them. Running is like decompressing and cleaning up your mind. Your body is busy and your mind is free.”  Even if you hate running, find an exercise you enjoy and you’ll improve your mental clarity, attitude and increase productivity.  Stop by the Chace Center and check out the class offerings, walk or run on the cross-country trails around campus.  Even just taking the long way to class can wake you up and give you some time to think.

Get out of the House This Summer!


You may be bogged down with homework, but even the most diligent student needs a break every now and then,  Breaks help you re-focus on the task at hand, and keep you from getting cranky and petulant.  People who live in Rhode Island know all about the beaches, but what about those sunburned days when you just want to be in air conditioning, or you want to do a little more than just lie around?  There are plenty of adventures to be had within a short driving distance from Bryant, and many are cheap or even free.

Waterfire: Waterfire is a regular event in Providence that is both free, and fantastic.  The actual Waterfire is baskets of cedar placed in the river and lit at sunset.  The soothing glow of the fire against the velvety backdrop of the water is enhanced by music that changes as you walk along the river walk.  Waterfire attracts thousands of people to downtown Providence, and in addition to the beauty of the event, there’s also a carnival atmosphere.  Food vendors set up shop in the park and along Canal Street, Dunkin’ Donuts is always giving away free iced coffee samples, there’s often other live music set up downtown, and it’s all free!  It’s a fine way to spend a Saturday or Friday night, just make sure to get there early for the best parking.  Waterfire does full and partial lightings about every other weekend in the summer, check out the full schedule.

Free Fun Fridays:  Every year museums and visitor’s sites all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts participate in Free Fun Fridays, which means that participating locations open their doors to all comers free of charge.  Starting July and ending the last Friday in August, each Free Museum Friday gives you four options to choose from, and all you have to do is show up.  You can even make a day of it.  Pick an outdoor space, like Tanglewood or Shakespeare on the Common, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy a nice leisurely day out.  You might even learn something.

RI Family Guide: The Rhode Island Family Guide sounds like it’s just for families with small children, but it’s chock full of fun ideas for all ages.  It’s a handy way to browse sites and activities around the Ocean State, and pick what you’d like to do.  It includes contact information and address, and is broken down geographically so you can eliminate those long drives if you don’t have much time to adventure.  A lot of the sites listed in the family guide may also have special summer events, which are always fun to check out.  This may be just the thing to discovering a new way to spend your down time this summer.

Take to the Sea: There are many ways to have a sea-worthy adventure this summer even if you don’t know anyone who owns a boat.  There are several sailing companies that operate short harbor cruises all day and into the evening in Newport.  Some include a fully narrated tour of the harbor, and others are just pleasure sailing.  There are also seal watch tours and lighthouse tours.  There is no better way to cool off on a hot day than by boarding a sleek water vessel–you’ll be glad you did.