African American History Month – Documentaries


February is African American History Month! We have displays on the first and second floors of the library highlighting some of our resources, so definitely check those out. There are also some events going on at Bryant this month, like a Black History Exhibit and Lecture, and a screening of Get in the Way: The Journey of John Lewis (more information here).

Kanopy-K.jpgAnother way to learn more about African American history is to watch documentaries on Kanopy, which has streaming videos you can watch if you’re snowed in. Here are a few suggestions, or you can look through some of the other films they have:

Bloomberg Terminals


Welcome back from break! This semester we have an exciting announcement–we have 10 new Bryant community Bloomberg terminals for faculty, students, and staff to use! These terminals have Bloomberg installed on them, which provides finance data, analytics, communication tools, and more. These terminals have two monitors and a specialized keyboard, so you’ll be able to spot them on the first floor of the library near the windows, and the second floor in the lounge near the study rooms.

To use these terminals, you’ll need to log in to the computer with your Bryant username and password, then make a Bloomberg account. Let us know if you need any help–we have written directions as well.


Finals Week at the Library


Finals week @bryantlib (2).png

Happy Finals Week, everyone! The library has extended hours until finals are over, so check out our schedule so you know when we’re open.

We know everyone’s busy and stressed, so there are a few things going on in the library this week to help. There are crayons and coloring pages on the first floor of the library so you can take a quick break from studying, since coloring is an effective way to combat stress. Library staff will also be taking our snack cart around in the afternoons so you can refuel while you’re studying. CreepyMouse is still lurking in the library for a couple more days causing trouble. If you find her, you can bring her back to one of the desks on the first floor to get a candy reward.

We’re also having a couple one day events, like Coffee & Cookies on Thursday, and Big Kid Story Time on Saturday. Check out the flyer above for times!

As always, we’re here for any questions you might have, or if you need to check out a highlighter or a phone charger. Good luck on finals, Bryant!


CHECK THIS OUT!–Board games!


We have board games available for checkout for your game night. Options include time-honored traditions like Clue, Operation, and Monopoly, vintage games like Mall Madness and Marry, Dump, or Date?, and classics like chess and Jenga. We even have two copies of Cards Against Humanity!

Image result for marry dump or date Image result for cards against humanityImage result for monopoly






All these games are available for overnight checkout. Check the catalog to see a full list of games and whether they’re available!

There’s a new way to book study room space at the library


Our library booking system has upgraded and there is a new way to book for your group project space. This entire system is an online booking system and it also is the same system that you can use to book spaces at the Academic Innovation Center.

The Krupp library has 12 individual study rooms that are connected to an AirMedia station (think big computer screen) that are great spaces for group work! Bryant students (non-Bryant students will not be processed) can book these rooms for group work or study work anytime the library is open.

Think about these guidelines before you begin:

  • Library study rooms can only be booked for groups of three or more people and for three hours or less. You can book up to six hours per week.
  • Remember to book well in advance: these rooms are popular and you will lose out if you are booking the rooms on the day of or the night before

Access the study room reservation page by going to the library’s webpage ( Click on the link titled “Study Room Reservations” under library spaces.  This link will take you to our study room calendar.studyroomreservation

You can select the dates and times that you would like to book the space and then click “Submit Time Spots” to enter the names of your group members. You should receive an email with the confirmation of the booking. Your study group has now reserved a room!


But what if you just need a quiet room that isn’t your dorm room? Do you and a study partner want to use a room and can’t find a third person? Don’t worry! Even though you can’t book the room in advance, you can access the online booking system to look at the study room reservations and pop in when the room isn’t booked. Just remember that you need to graciously leave before the next booked group arrives.

Our library loves to find more ways to help our students succeed. If you are full of pep and energy on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the library study rooms open at 8:00am on the weekends during the semester. Your group of three or more can book a room for a morning study session.

If you have any questions or are confused about the process, the librarians would love to help you! Stop by the library, IM, text or call us!

Free Ear Plugs! When it just can’t be TOO quiet…


Do you find it’s still too loud for studying – even in the designated library quiet zones? Stop by Borrower Services and pick up a free pair of individually packaged ear plugs! Great for studying in the library, sleeping in your dorm, meditating outside, or anywhere else you need some quiet time on campus. You will be surprised at how effective they are in blocking out unwanted noise.  Check out this article, Quiet Please, from Slate Magazine.


Don’t forget to follow the directions for usage on the package or take a peek at this page from the University of Wisconsin for proper fit.

Pokémon at the Library


It’s opening weekend, and we’re getting a little Pokémon crazy. We’ve got a variety of Pokémon themed things going on in the library, including an Instagram photo contest. We’ll be setting off lures all weekend (add us on facebook and twitter to hear about when we’re setting them) so stop by and say hello!

What have you caught in the library?


If you catch anything cool in the library, tell us! We’ve got a whiteboard set up next to the leisure reading section (there’s a picture of it at the bottom of this post) for everyone to record what Pokémon they’ve found in the library. Add your coolest library catch when you come in, and check out what other people have caught.

Instagram contest

We’re having a photo contest! To enter, follow us at @bryantlib on Instagram and upload a Pokémon themed picture of the library: it can be a picture of a Pokémon you caught in the building or a picture of you and your friends with some of our props (more on that next).

Here are the details and rules:

  • The contest will run from September 2 – September 12, 2016.
  • In order to count for the contest, entries must feature the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library and you must be following @bryantlib on instagram.
  • All the people in your picture must provide consent before the picture is taken.
  • The picture must have the hashtag #bryantlibpics in the caption.
  • The prize is $15 to Dunkin Donuts!
  • Winners will be announced on September 14th, 2016 and will be selected by a panel of library staff. Entries will be judged based on originality and the creative representation of Pokémon in the library.

Props and Pins

If you need some ideas for pictures don’t worry—we set up a table with Pokéballs, masks, and a stuffed Pikachu to inspire and enhance your photos.  We’ve also made some pins for you to take, including one with everyone’s favorite mascot Tupper, and put on your favorite Pokémon hunting gear.


A student trying on one of our masks