How to subcribe via RSS


If you like, you can subscribe to this blog (or just about any other blog or site you can imagine) via RSS (which stands for either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, depending on who you ask). This means that rather than visiting sporadically to see if there’s any new content, you can have the updates sent directly to you.

First, go over to the sidebar and click on this icon:


You’ll be brought to a page that looks like a lot of code. Go up to your browser window and copy the address of the page (in this case, it’s  You’ll need to copy that address into a RSS Reader or News Aggregator, which will translate all that code into something you can actually read.  Email programs like Outlook and Thunderbird may have these already built in, but there are any number of other reader/aggregator programs out there for use, such as FeedReader and NewsGator for Windows, or NewsFire for Mac.  There are also a number of web-based readers, too, like Google Reader or Bloglines to name but two.

Once you’ve got your reader set up, all you need to do is input the feed address you wish to subscribe to, and voila, the internet now comes to you.

For some basic information on RSS, you can visit a site called What Is RSS? – RSS Explained, and of course, there’s a Wikipedia entry, too (as always, the standard caveat about the reliability of wiki info applies).

How to subscribe to a specific blog category:

1. Click your chosen category heading over on the lefthand sidebar… we’ll use “Business” for our example.

2. You’re instantly brought to the page containing only the posts listed in the Business category.  The URL in the address bar will read:

3. Go to the address bar and type this – /feed/ – at the end of the URL.  The URL will now read:

4. Copy this URL into the RSS reader of your choice (Google Reader, Bloglines, Outlook, etc.) and subscribe and you’ll be good to go!

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